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Just with the help of color correction even a dully picture can acquire the depth and color of a cinematic frame.

The vivid world of "Amelie", the post-apocalyptic future from "Mad Max", dangerous "The Neon Demon", and so distinctive look of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" - all this atmospheres was created thanks to the work of the colorist. Your music video or commercial could also obtain its unique style.

We colorgrading video since the days it was on the cinefilms!

There is a saying: "The colorist will eliminate the problems that you didn't even suspect to be in your shot, and will make it so that you don’t even notice." Focus on the details, emphasize the character, immerse into specific atmosphere, make day out of the night or night out of the day. All this can be achieved with just one hardware control panel for video color correction.

You can manage this process remotely or personally in our studio.